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Yeo Kheng Meng

Maker, Coder, Private Pilot, Retrocomputing Enthusiast

Yeo Kheng Meng

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Computer Science graduate from NUS School of Computing now working as a Software Engineer at Envision Digital. I used to be an IoT Engineer at Singapore Power SPDigital.

  1. Enjoys both software and hardware hacks. Regretted not taking the Computer or Electrical Engineering route.
  2. Unlike many CS people, I have no flair for web development
  3. Private Pilot
  4. Interested in retrocomputing. I feel a magnetic attraction to old computers.
  5. Interested in current affairs especially politics
  6. I use the Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout
  7. Occasional (cyberpunk) anime watcher
  8. Enjoys science fiction movies/TV series/books

Checkout my Github account for the stuff I have hacked away. My LinkedIn page is here.

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