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I was not the first person that came up with the title above, but I thought it resonated perfectly with my undergraduate life especially my last few semesters. The last sem is indeed my hardest Sem.

7 minutes read

This is the third Hack&Roll hackathon I have joined and my very last one for this hackathon and as an NUS student.  Can check out my first two here and here.  Didn’t win anything but not that we were expecting any, it is the stuff we learned that were most important.

6 minutes read

NUS Hackers tried to encourage participants to write a blog post or on social media about their experiences in the HacknRoll 2014, so here it is.  Nah, I would have written this anyway without their encouragement. But after they read what I wrote, I wonder if they would still share it.

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So yesterday was the Steps exhibition that marks the end of the module and the return to the reality of the final exams, other than the final report of course. It was really an interesting experience to pitch our class management app to both teachers and students alike.

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At the beginning of this semester, I wrote about how this semester shall be the most pivotal for me. Now coming to the end of this semester, I do agree with most of the points I foresaw earlier with exception to the NTU part.  Anyway, this most are mostly for CS3216, the rest shall come after the exams.

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It is an obvious fact that the workload each semester is always greater than the one preceding it. This adage has never been more right up to this semester. In fact, greater is just an understatement. In just 2 weeks into this semester, I cannot even count the number of days I have slept for a reasonable number of hours.

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I confess I signed up for this weekend event at the last minute. One of the team members who was an acquaintance of mine said they needed one more member so I joined. I can say, I left this 24hour hackathon today with no regrets other than the proverbial, I could have done that better in hindsight attitude. This was my first hackathon and most definitely won’t be my last.

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