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13 minutes read

“life sciences graduates are only fit to wash test tubes” this statement I heard more than a decade ago was the first time I knew of this guy called Philip Yeo. Then chairman of Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*Star), it caused quite a ruckus I believe in Singapore at the time where there was a strong push by the government into the bio-medical field.

8 minutes read

I have heard of the acronym NUTS some years back coined by the famous Singaporean technopreneur Sim Wong Hoo (SWH). For the unaware, SWH is the founder of Creative Technologies (CT), the maker of the Sound Blaster sound cards that used to be the industry standard for computer audio and very popular up to a decade ago. As I encountered this phrase quite recently again, I decided to further explore its origins.

6 minutes read

I initially started with the idea of doing a review on this book “Fringe: September’s Notebook”. Then I realised, doing a pure review will put off many people who know nothing about Fringe. Therefore, I decided to include a brief introduction of this amazing TV series that many should watch. Before you think this is a low-end TV series, it has won Saturn awards for best TV series in 2010 and 2011. The lead actress Anna Torv won 4 consecutive awards for Best Actress 2009-2012.…

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