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9 minutes read

So another year has passed for me. It really didn’t feel that long ago that my previous birthday just passed. As many older people have told me, once you hit your 30s, one does not bother counting their ages any more. I can concur with this.

8 minutes read

Private leisure helicopter flights operating in Singapore are a rare occurrence compared to planes. So when a helicopter ride opportunity presented itself to me recently, I immediately said YES!

13 minutes read

A faulty aircraft avionics Narco DME 890 came into my hands recently. As this instrument was destined for the trash bin, I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted with it. What better way to do it than to conduct a teardown!

12 minutes read

The first computer I used as a kid was a 486 PC back in 1995. My family upgraded past it and it was disposed of. However very recently, someone in the local tech community donated a 486 motherboard to me. This gave me an opportunity to relive some of my childhood!

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