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9 minutes read

During my volunteering with Repair Kopitiam, I noticed that an experienced coach had a tool that could plug into a socket to determine if the socket was wired up correctly. Fascinated by this, I wondered what such a tool was and how does it work?

13 minutes read

A faulty aircraft avionics Narco DME 890 came into my hands recently. As this instrument was destined for the trash bin, I was given free reign to do whatever I wanted with it. What better way to do it than to conduct a teardown!

3 minutes read

I recently got a new Casio Protrek triple-sensor watch. This watch model PRW3000-2 was released in 2013 featuring Casio’s new “Triple Sensor Version 3 engine” which is better than my previous fatter and heavier PAG-80. Not forgetting that it is solar-powered too meaning I will never have to change the battery in the usable lifespan of this watch! Ever since I got my PAG-80, my “OCD self” cannot live without knowing that I can measure the attitude, compass heading…

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